Wednesday, September 16, 2009

very busy people

The song "Very Busy People" by the Limousines has been rattling around in my head since Mike's semi-failed show at the library two weeks ago. (and by semi-failed I mean he did amazing, but the sound guy was a total tool) He played it again at Barefoot last week and the rattling got just a touch louder. I've always loved the song, but something about it was pulling on my sleeve this time insisting on being heard. And so, as a result, I've listened. To the point where I am almost sick of the song. Then, I thought. I thought long and hard about what might be pushing me toward these words and these events.

We are very busy people. We being everyone. Not just those people in my life, but everyone. We all have lives, and friends, and to-do lists that aren't getting done. We have places to be and people we haven't called back in way too long. I've always said that I wasn't born a Gemini, I grew to be one. I love being one. It's always been a lifestyle I loved more than anything. I love being everywhere to the point of exhausting myself and eternally frustrating those closest to me. I double book myself more than I would care to admit, and the social butterfly in me wants to be everyone's best friend. Not only that I want to hear and see that those same people around me that I double book and treat (sometimes) horribly love me and adore me so much that they don't care about my flighty and callous nature.

I've left people behind on this path, certainly, and occasionally I feel horribly about that. But I realize every night when I go to sleep that the people I have left behind are the people that I did not make myself important to. And more importantly, they did not make themselves important to me or my life. They filled the space while I waited for those who were truly meant to fill those holes in my life. I don't know if I have the full house yet, but we will certainly find out as time goes by. So, to the new, the old, the reacquainted, and the dearly loved...I cherish you all as I hope you all cherish me. The Gemini in me cannot resist the life I lead, I love it too dearly. So hold on for the ride, it is most certainly worth it.

My friends and I, we certainly are very busy people. As exhausting as it sometimes is, I think we love it.

VERY BUSY PEOPLE by the Limousines

We'll end up numb from playing video games
and we'll get sick of having sex.
And we'll get fat from eating candy;
as we drink ourselves to death.
We'll stay up late
mixing mix tapes,
photoshopping pictures of ourselves;
as we masturbate to these pixelated images
of strangers fucking themselves.

We are very busy people,
We are very busy people.

There's crusty socks
and stacks of pizza boxes
leading trails straight to the bed.
And when we're done sleeping
we'll stay busy dreaming of the things
that we do not have yet.
Well there's a long list of chores and shit to do
before we play, oh let's just piss away the day.
Crank call the cops down at the station,
just for friendly conversation,
requesting songs they never play;
Let's hear the one that goes like:

We are very busy people,
We are very busy people;

But we've always got time for new friends.
So come on over and knock on our door,
it's open what you waiting for?
We may be sprawled out on the floor,
but we still make lovely company.
Pull up a chair, I'll pour some tea,
We'll shoot the shit, 'bout everything,
till you get sick of politics,
and flip on the TV screen,
we stare at the TV screen.
That Donnie Darko DVD has been playing for a week,
and we know every single word.
I got an iPod like a pirate ship,
I'll sail the sea
with fifty thousand songs I never heard-
And all the best of them go
La la la la la la...
la la la la la la...